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LegacyENDO Apex Access

The LegacyENDO Apex Access files are specifically designed to prepare the best glidepath in every root canal. Following up to three files (the Access 1, 2 & 3) the LegacyENDO Apex Access files let you start any root canal treatment with confidence.

The LegacyENDO Apex Access 1 and 2 have been manufactured with the Controlled Memory Technology. This increases strength and flexibility, resulting in up to 800% greater resistance to cyclic fatigue stresses. The technology allows natural canal tracking and files can be pre-bent if needed.



New endodontic file fills a gap in the market LegacyENDO New systems and instruments appear on the endodontic market at a rate of knots. A trend that is hard to keep up with for dentists and endodontologists alike, particularly if familiar and frequently used systems fall out of favour. A new player in the field is Team LegacyENDO, who distributes the LegacyENDO-files in Europe and wants to offer a quality product at a decent price. “A new name, but the files feel familiar,” the brothers Bruno and Rolf de Vos of Team LegacyENDO explain to Dental Tribune.

In the past few years, new systems have been introduced continuously. All the stops were pulled out in marketing, while scientific evidence or genuine innovation was hard to come by, according to Bruno de Vos. “I’ve been in this ‘endo field’ since 1988, so I’ve seen a lot of systems come and go. In those days, studies referred to healing rates from 60 to 80%. Now, many years later, that percentage hasn’t changed one bit.” De Vos uses the example of the transition from rotation to reciprocation, a movement that emerged about five years ago and made sure that many endodontologists decided to buy new motors. “Recent studies show that reciprocating systems cause microcracks . There are so many voices that contradict each other.” The rate at which various types of files succeed each other in the market is watched with a fair amount of criticism by Bruno de Vos. “We have now seen the arrival of the fourth generation of files. They are like mobile phones. And it’s not as if they’re getting any cheaper.”

Familiar choice

The decision to enter the market with the LegacyENDO Multi Taper did not take long. Files of this type, the slightly tougher type, are a familiar concept that dentists and endodontologists are happy to rely on. Worldwide, these files are used the most. “The other day, a well-known file of this type was taken out of the market and replaced by a completely different type of file, that just feels different,” Rolf de Vos explains. According to him, many dentists are looking for a file that is similar to the one they used before. “We know that dentists prefer what is familiar. Never change a winning team is the motto.” According to Bruno de Vos, it is often forgotten which consequences a change of file may have. “It isn’t only the dentist; it is also the assistant who hands the equipment. And there’s yet another colleague who takes care of purchasing. The entire team needs to know that something new has been chosen, so a switch of equipment involves quite a lot.” The Multi Taper, a multi-tapered file, satisfies the longing for the familiar. “It is a unique instrument, because this file has more tapering apically than on the rest of the file.” To offer the user a choice, there is now also a Controlled Memory version of LegacyENDO, a flexible type of file that can be pre-bent.

Derek & Steve

LegacyENDO is not entirely new. The driving force behind the system is D&S Dental, an American developer and manufacturer of endodontic files with more than thirty years of experience. D&S is short for Derek (Heath) & Steve (Treadway) Dental. Heath is the former owner of Quality Dental Products (see box) and also the inventor and patent holder of the nickel/titanium instruments. His most important patent is that of the world-famous multi-tapered file. Since the 80s, the company has been producing not only the files but also the machines that make the files. “These aren’t machines that you can just go and buy somewhere. They’ve had to design and develop these themselves,” says Bruno de Vos. D&S was formerly known as the ‘manufacturer’s manufacturer’, but was not yet known to the average dentist as the manufacturer of files and instruments. “These are people who invented nickel titanium and controlled memory. They now wish to leave something truly important behind on the market. “Or as the founder Steve Treadway would say: ‘Create your own legacy’.”

Keen pricing

LegacyENDO says they can compete with other suppliers, because D&S Dental has few ‘layers’ and is not a listed company. “Traditionally, it has been a company of mechanical engineers, without a marketing department or management layers. That is reflected in the price.” The keen pricing currently causes quite a few raised eyebrows among the other suppliers in the endo market. LegacyENDO is said to be a copycat . “This is not a product from China, but from the United States. The fact that the competition is watching us in this way confirms that we are onto something good,” the brothers react laconically. LegacyENDO likes to offer a fair price, but in doing so, as a new name on the market, it does stick its head above the parapet. The De Vos brothers notice that dentists and purchasers are still inclined to go for the familiar brand and the familiar price. “Unfamiliarity breeds suspicion,” is their conclusion. Can offering the same quality at a much lower price start a trend similar to that in implantology? Rolf de Vos does not rule this out. “A few years ago, a lot of things changed in the implants market. Innovation could only be seen with small players. Afterwards, more and more were imported and the small companies were bought, often resulting in an enormous change in the pricing.” According to De Vos, such a pattern is certainly not inconceivable in the endodontic market.

History and future

This year will see the expansion of LegacyENDO with more rotary and reciprocating files. Very shortly, the Apex Access Kit, for creating a glide path, and manual files will enter the market. Being the largest player in the endo market in five years time is not the ambition of Team Legacy ENDO. What matters to them in particular is to remain involved in thinking and offering quality at the level of the dentist and endodontologist. The legacy of Derek and Steve is central to LegacyENDO. “Bringing history and the future together, that is what we are about.”