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Management of a traumatic dental injury in a 7-year old boy

Gepubliceerd op 18 januari 2017 16:52

Dr. Marga Ree treats a complicated dental trauma with a multidisciplinary approach

According to various studies on prevalence and incidence of dental trauma, approximately 20-30% of all children have sustained some type of a traumatic dental injury to their permanent teeth. Adequate management of dental trauma is crucial for the long-term prognosis of a permanent tooth. Endodontic, restorative, and periodontal aspects must all be taken into consideration during treatment planning. Treatment of young permanent teeth with pulp involvement represents both an endodontic and a restorative challenge. If pulp vitality is lost before root formation is completed, a root with thin dentinal walls may remain, which is more prone to fracture. After finishing endodontic treatment, an adequate restorative follow-up treatment with the aim of reinforcing the tooth is crucial for long-term survival.  Therefore, minimally invasive endodontic and restorative treatment is to be preferred.

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JULY 9, 2016