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Endo Direct is een platform voor de dentale professionals. Zowel voor de fabrikant als de eindgebruiker. Op de website van Endo Direct vindt de eindgebruiker, overzichtelijk ALLE noviteiten op het gebied van de endodontie op de dentale markt.  De eindgebruiker vindt hier naast, innovatieve producten in de Endo Direct webshop, ook een overzichtelijke evenementenkalender voor nascholing, workshops en congressen. In binnen- én buitenland. It's all about endodontics!

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                                                           Down pack Vertical Condensation. Gutta Cutter Single Cone Technique

Eighteeth E-Connect S Endomotor

Endo Direct Product News 

Author: Filippo Cardinali


Make your Endo-life easier using E-Connect S
In daily practice it’s really important during the shaping of the root canal system relying on high quality endomotor. Nowadays the market is plenty of rotary files with very different indications of use from each other in term of direction and angle of rotation, torque and speed. Some devices can work just in continuous rotation, other devices have the program setted for the reciprocating files, but it’s not possible to control the angles of rotation or changing the torque and the speed. Having an endomotor completely open is a great advantage for the operator that likes customize setting and loves having the freedom to choose the NiTi files he prefers, making that it works in the way he prefers according with his experience and skill.

E-Connect S is a very interesting and open new Endomotor with built-in apex locator from Eighteeth Company.


To conclude, considering all the strong points of the device, the E Connect S is a very useful tool both for experts and General Dental Practioners that want to get a real high control during the shaping of the root canal system.

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