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Laser-enhanced endodontic treatment .

Gepubliceerd op 17 januari 2017 om 22:00

Dr. Gregori M. Kurtzman discusses the benefits of laser implementation

Endodontic success is predicated on the ability to debride and clean the canal system. That canal system is a complex array of accessory and lateral canals, fins, and other anatomical areas inaccessible to endodontic files (Figure 1). As practitioners, we are able to clean the main canals with files, either hand or rotary, but cannot mechanically remove pulpal tissue and debris from the canal anatomy adjacent to the main canals. Treatment success requires elimination of the pulpal tissue and associated bacteria from this anatomy so that it can be sealed during the obturation phase of treatment. As only one thing can occupy a space at a time, obturation material cannot fill areas still occupied by pulpal tissue. Success is dependent on disinfection and debridement of the canal system so that it may be sealed during obturation. Irrigation has long been accepted as a key factor of treatment to achieve those goals.

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