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Week 03 2017



In endodontics the working length is defined as "the distance from a coronal reference point to the point at which canal preparation and obturation should terminate."
The importance of the correct determination of the working length is linked to the identification and maintenance of the biological length of the root canal system.
Accurate determination of working length prevents UNDER INSTRUMENTATION that could leave tissues and debris in the apical segment, or OVER INSTRUMENTATION which could cause patient discomfort, damage periapical tissue, or potentially cause an infection or cyst development from the placement of irritating materials beyond the apex.

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Bron: Style Italiano Endodontics 2016

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Determining working length, or how to locate the apical terminus (Part 2)

Authors_Prof Vladimir Ivanovic & Dr Katarina Beljic-Ivanovic, Serbia

We would like to start the second part of our article with a quotation: “Adequate radiographs, knowledge of anatomy, and tactile sense and not apex lo cators will help to determine apical constriction.We found this statement provocative enough to give electronic locators a chance. As is well known, apex locators actually locate the foramen and not the root apex. As the foramen is usually not on the root apex, the term electronic foramen locators (EFLs) is more accurate. Electronic rootcanal length measuring devices or similar descriptive terms are also incorrect, since the root-canal length does not appear on a display, particularly not in some standardised units. 

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Roots Research working length

Bron: Roots 2010 


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