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FastPack PDF
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Obturation and Gutta Percha Cutting device


Real time temperature displaying,make sure the accuracy of heating temperature.


0.2 seconds reach 200 degrees (Within 0.5seconds reach 250 degrees ), 2 seconds cooling.


Setting temperature from 90 degrees to 250 degrees. Variable time heating cut off.

Powerful battery

Quick charging function available,
support working with charging wire when low battery .


FastPack Handpiece

Adapter and charge base

Heating Needle S, FM, M

User Manual

Size 40/ 0.025


Size 50/ 0.05


Size 60/ 0.06


Fast Pack heating temperature under Thermographic camera.
We set Fast Pack heating temperature on 150degrees and 200degrees to test under thermographic camera ,as we can see, the heating speed of Fast Pack is very fast ,and thermographic camera shows our 150degrees (No.1 video) and 200degrees (No.2video)are both accurate.

Test by Eigteeth Medical