054020 MEDCEM MTA 10 CAPSULES (10x0,35gr)

€ 149,00

Medcem MTA


Medcem MTA is a second generation MTA and consists of Pure Portland Cement and a colour stable X-ray contrast media. The X-ray opacity corresponds to the ISO standard 9917-1.

Medcem MTA is adequate for all known MTA indications (perforation coverage, apexifications, surgical endodontics). It is especially adequate for usage in traumatology with front teeth due to its colour stability.

The excellent bio inductive and mechanical characteristics of the Medcem Pure Portland Cement are not impaired by the addition of the X-ray contrast media.

Thanks to consistently optimized production and lean distribution paths, Medcem MTA can be offered at a very good price compared to the competitive products.

Medcem MTA is mixed with sterile water.


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