103876 LEGACY ENDO CROSS CUT 25 mm Assortiment. 20/07, 25/07, 35/06, 45/05 (4st). Z.V.S.

€ 31,50 € 18,50

Alternatief voor de reciprocerende vijlen Reciproc / Wave one (Gold).

LEGACY ENDO CROSS CUT 25 mm ASSORTED 20/07, 25/07, 35/06, 45/05 (4st). Z.V.S.

The Legacy ENDO Cross Cut alternating file is specially designed to be used in any reciprocating motion.

The Cross Cut files can be used in a motor designed for WaveOne®, WaveOne Gold®, Reciproc® and TF® instruments*. 


 The unique thread of the files make sure to remove debris easily, no matter the rotation.

Controlled Memory NiTi Technology™ increases strength and flexibility resulting in up to 800% greater resistance to cyclic fatigue stresses. C.M. NiTi Technology™ allows natural canal tracking and files can be pre-bent if needed. Typically the fluted portion of the file will straighten out or unwind before separation occurs. The benefits from C.M. NiTi Technology™ allow LegacyENDO to offer these amazing results.