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NeoPUTTY™ is een bioactieve biokeramische voorgemengde PUTTY met superieure verwerkingseigenschappen, die de vorming van hydroxyapatiet bevordert om het genezingsproces op gang te brengen.

Eigenschappen & Voordelen

- 3 jaar houdbaarheid

- Geen uitdroging tussen de toepassingen

- Hoogste radiopaciteit in zijn klasse - 8,1 mm AI-equivalent

- Bioactief door de vorming van hydroxiapetiet

- Veelzijdig in gebruik

- verkleurt niet

- wordt geleverd in aluminium koker om vochtvrij te bewaren

The bioceramic repair cement NeoPutty is indicated for the effective treatment of the pulp and canal. It promotes hydroxyapatite formation to initiate the healing process, is pre-mixed, does not dry between uses, and does not stain or discolor.

It promotes hydroxyapatite formation on the surface to seal and facilitate healing by releasing calcium and hydroxide ions. It is fully biocompatible, non-cytotoxic, non-genotoxic, initially high pH (alkaline/basic) that has demonstrated in vitro antimicrobial properties.

NeoPutty has a shelf life of 3 years with a firm and low-adhesion consistency, as it does not dry between uses.


NeoPutty is a repair cement indicated for:

  • Direct and indirect pulp capping.
  • Partial pulpotomy.
  • Lining and cavity base.
  • Pulpotomy and apexogenesis.
  • Repair of perforations.
  • Root resorption.
  • Obturation.
  • Canal apexification.
  • Filling of the canal end.


  • Highest radiopacity in its class
  • NeoPutty's radiopacity is equivalent to 8.1 mm, allowing for better placement verification and tracking.
  • Resin-free
  • The new generation of NeoPutty repairers is dimensionally stable, with no contraction to ensure a space-free seal, minimizing the possibility of bacterial infiltration. Resin-free for maximum bioactivity.
  • Stain-free
  • NeoPutty ensures a result without stains or discoloration thanks to its formula.
  • Available in 0.5-gram and 1.2-gram syringes.